“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

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There once was a story
all about how..

Now that song is stuck in your head! Hah! Okay I'll stop goofing around. A little about me! So I started creating art professionally in 2009. I believe God loves leaving little easter eggs all around for us to find. After almost a decade of creating art, I look back and see how He has ordered my steps through-out my journey.

When I first began studying art at SELU, a teacher I admired told me to "create the way you were created to create" and it always stuck with me. I’ve always loved bold black lines, shiny things, and bright colors so "Gumboism" as I like to call it became my thing. (It is an infusion of all the things I like so I throw it in my artistic pot of goodies! My perfect bowl of art gumbo would be a huge emphasis on light, a dash of glass-like effects, and of course hopefully a heart that can only be placed by the original O.G in da big blue who is much cooler than me. ;)

However as I was first starting out I became very sick! I had almost no energy so all I could do was paint on my iPad using my finger! I started creating artwork and sharing it on an app called SketchClub. I fell in love with digital painting and the apps online artists community! So many wonderful artists kept encouraging me to share my work and those words of encouragement and wise critique inspired me to continue and develop my craft. I look back now and see the time that I was sick as a testimony. The scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 rings true. The sentence "plans to give you a future" was evident in the trial that I went through. :) I used that time to create A LOT of art!

Flash forward to now and my faith has only grown stronger! I've received many messages of how art has been used to bring joy, heal, and bless. I realized that if God gave me this desire to create, then it was meant to be created for Him…and if there is one thing I know about Him is that he is absolutely SELFLESS. If He gives us something, He wants us to share and help others with it!

Now my mission is to take this doodle desire that was given to me and give it back to others - to create art with heart that will be used to bless others. My goal is to share the light that God gives in every moment...good or bad! The job I'm after is to inspire others to use the gifts God has given them. Believe me, everyone has one! And my passion is to minister using this medium. I believe art can unlock the imagination, pull at emotions, bring joy and hope, reveal a hidden truth, teach many powerful lessons, inspire, and I believe it can even heal too. 

If you are reading this far, thank you for wanting to know a little of my story. I’d love to take this time to let you know that YOU are a masterpiece created by the ultimate artist. You are an original. Only one of you. You are highly valued and priceless. Signed, sealed, and my favorite…delivered… by His precious love. †

[Mufasa voice] Remembaaaaa whoooo you arrrreeeee! :D A child of God, a masterpiece created to inspire.
God bless <3



“Neglect not the
gift that is in thee.”

Timothy 4:14

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